R A Smart in Bristol

R A Smart were in Bristol this July exhibiting as the Textile Printing experts for the Newtech


Along with EPSON’s SureColor F-6200, they also brought along their HeatJet 24 Rotary Heatpress which proved to be most intriguing for those who attended. With its 70cm passage and 65cm transfer width, it is one of the smallest rotary heat presses on the market but that does not mean it compromises on ergonomics or the technology found on larger models.

Able to press materials with a thickness of up to 5mm the narrow-width calendar is suitable for printing a wide range of products including: scarves, towels, canvases, ties and cushions t

o name a few. It’s also ideal to be used by textile designers and universities for creating samples without having to invest a huge amount of money on a wide format heat press.

The EPSON was found to be equally as popular and impressive; now available with High Definition Black and the only machine on the market where the complete solution is provided by one manufacturer. The result is a printer that can be embraced by a vast range of sectors including fashion designers, sportswear manufacturers and signage producers – offering them a reliable, productive and economical print solution.

R A Smart offers the full range of EPSON and HeatJet systems which can be found at: www.rasmart.co.uk

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